Eleonora has a predilection for portraits and unusual, dreamlike images reminiscent of Renaissance and Flemish paintings. Her favourite medium is acrylics. She is a member of the Amargin Art Cooperative in Drogheda, Ireland.

For special occasions, such as Christmas, birthdays, weddings, or just to leave a memory of yourself or a loved one for posterity, why not think of a portrait?

To make a portrait, Eleonora prefers to meet the “subject” in person at least once, but when that is not possible, she can make portraits just based on photos, provided they are sharp enough and not too small. Artwork, including series of paintings for organisations, companies, banks, hospitals, offices, as well as illustrations for books, front covers, etc., and paintings on specific subjects can also be made on commission.
Ready and framed artwork can be shipped abroad by post if the paintings are small (within 30 cm), or using a professional art shipping company if the paintings are large.