Eleonora has written several screenplays, short stories and a historical novel, the first of a trilogy.


“L’Uomo di Carta” [The Paper Man] – Published by Albatros Edizioni, Rome, Italy, 2017.
The novel was awarded a jury’s mention at the prestigious Premio Italo Calvino (national prize for unpublished narrative) in 2014, a Michelangelo Buonarroti Award (2017) and a Golden Book (2018).

“Il Viaggio di Vetro” [A Glass Voyage] – work in progress
“Nubi di Acciaio” [Steel Clouds] – work in progress
“Fragments” (written in English) – a collection of short stories
“Gothica” (written in English) – four Medieval stories: Pygmalion, Albrecht, Lady Gruoch, Faustus



“The Three Messiahs” – script for a feature film -work in progress

“The Whispering Place” – TV series
“The Slave” – contemporary drama
“Hanna’s Shame” – biopic inspired by Derek Linster’s memoirs
“Double Dolan” – TV detective series
“Camera Obscura” – TV period drama series
“Touch and Go” – thriller co-authored with Lindsay Sedgwick
“The Lost Gun” – contemporary drama developed with Samson Films (2009)
“One Was There, the Other Wasn’t and the Third One Died” – TV period drama
“Winter” – period drama developed with Merchant/Ivory Productions, UK
“Inverno” – period drama, award winner (Italy)
“Volcano” – period drama (Italy)
“Parallele” – contemporary drama (Italy)


A Wake
A Dog’s Best Friend
The Violin and the Hammer
The Drawer
Lady Macbeth GOTHICA series
Albrecht GOTHICA series
Faustus GOTHICA series
Pygmalion GOTHICA series
Little Apocalypses
The Blind

  • A large number of scripts for commercials and music videos
  • Script Editing for other writers and directors


Eleonora worked as script advisor and editor for a feature film script I was writing in May of 2019. I was very impressed with her professionalism and expertise. She is clearly a talented writer herself and I found this invaluable in her feedback regarding the structure of my script as well as advice on what could be edited .” Paul Heary, Writer/Director, Ireland

The script The Slave is great. A really atmospheric, visual story“. Eleanor Bowman, Director of Photography, Ireland, UK

The Slave is a subtle script with great depth and complexity at its heart. It is an atmospheric and haunting story of loneliness, isolation, fear, loss and separation. It is a story of the human condition.” Karen Griffin, Actress, Ireland

I really enjoyed reading The Slave, the script is so beautifully visual and I think Lisa would be a great role for any young actor to play. As the film is mainly focused on two characters, it has potential to be something really special.” Eva-Jane Gaffney, Actress, Ireland

L’Uomo di CartaOpera segnalata per l’inventività, insieme acribica e scanzonata, con cui ricostruisce, secondo gli schemi del romanzo filosofico e di formazione, il quadro della Russia nell’ultimo scorcio del grand siècle“. Giuria Premio Italo Calvino XVII edizione, Italia