Production Design

As a production designer Eleonora created artwork, props, general set design, as well as costume and make up design. She worked as production designer for most of her own films and music videos and on a number of films made by other directors in Ireland, such as:

Production Designer and Dir. Consultant for “The Yellow Dress“, 30′ film by Deborah Grimes

“Between the Canals”, feature film by Mark O’Connor

“8.5 Hours”, feature film by Brian Lally

Hollow Girl”, short horror film by Dave McCabe

“Rapunzel, the Blond Years”, short comedy by Trish Groves & Fiona Ashe

“Hive Mind”, music video, song by Mother Mooch, director Shannon Moncrief

Logo, Trophy and Stage designer for the ZeBBie Awards, Writers’ Guild of Ireland, since 2007

Co-Producer, Writer, Director and Designer for Pygmalion, 20′ fantasy film

Writer, Director, Designer for Little Apocalypses, 52′ film

Writer, Director, Designer for The Blind, 45′ film

Writer, Director Designer for “Birthday“, 20′ black & white film

Director and Designer for several music videos